Thanksgiving Fact and Opinion Task Cards

Let’s face it.  That super short three day week leading up to Thanksgiving really messes with you.  Throw in the fact you may have a classroom (or school-wide) Thanksgiving Feast, plus maybe you’re the one responsible for cooking the turkey (or Tofurkey) for Mom’s house.  Yeah, kind of brutal.  Cue in the need for some fun, cute ways to keep your kiddos busy and on task.

 I just completed my Thanksgiving Fact and Opinion Tasks Cards and I’m already obsessed.  During one of my first years teaching, I was hesitant to teach fact and opinion.  Then I realized this definitely ties in to a life skill sort of aspect.  We’re constantly being thrown information at us, and it is tough to differentiate what is actually true and simply what others think.  Best of all for all you middle school teachers:  It is common core aligned!  This skill has been one of the skills that my students (who are not on grade level) totally end up getting with some practice.

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