Organizing with Binders

Confession time:
Do you ever see those teachers that make the organization thing look so easy?  Like they just came out of the womb knowing how to perfectly organize every binder, work task, and file folder in their classroom so it all just fits perfectly on each shelf in their room?
This is the absolute complete opposite of me.  One of my biggest hurdles as a teacher was learning how to be organized.  It was totally not something I just knew how to do.  Any time I wanted to get more organized, it just seemed like an overwhelming, impossible task.  It took a lot of time understanding and observing how others did it before I could do it myself.
One of the biggest steps towards organization: BINDERS.  Lots and lots of binders.
Recently, I downloaded these beautiful monthly curriculum binder covers. I took some time organizing my holiday stuff and putting neatly and accessible inside my filing cabinet.  After every holiday/season I used to tend to throw any seasonal stuff in my filing cabinet and call it a day. This also led to me printing out and/or trying to reinvent the wheel every single year(seriously, there's this Thanksgiving turkey craftivity that I discovered I had printed out and remade every year since I started teaching).  These binders make it immensely easier to pull out all the seasonal stuff I need when I need it and not waste time/energy finding new holiday stuff.

I also have taken the time to go through any curriculum materials I used last year and put them in neat, organized binders.  This way, no paper gets wasted and I don't even think when I need copies.
Files from professional development workshops that I know I will want to use get thrown in a binder.  When I need them...bam.  They're right there.  Gone are the days of shoving this stuff in my desk drawer, making it impossible to find and even less likely that I'll use it.

What is your best tip for staying organized in the classroom?

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