Supervisor Job

One of the things that I am most proud of this year is my class' consistency with doing their morning jobs.  It may have to do with the fact that I factored in completion of their morning jobs in to my students' token economy sheets, but still.  Many times I don't even need to remind them to get their jobs done.
When I was brainstorming my morning jobs, I wanted to create jobs that were not only functional, but meaningful to the classroom.  I guess in the vein of trying to choose quality over quantity, I managed to get kind of desperate while thinking up useful jobs.  This lead to the creation of the job "supervisor".
I'll be honest, I wasn't sure exactly what I wanted the students to do as "supervisor".  Unfortunately, this lead to my students kind of getting used to the idea that the supervisor just chills out while the others were doing their jobs.  Oops?  I noticed a pattern where the students who were aware of this would always volunteer for this job every week (pretty smart, but not really helpful).  I knew I needed to think of something.

Behold, I came up with a supervisor's checklist.  The checklist is placed right near the weekly job assignment.  It's on a clipboard to be able ro grab and go.  The supervisor of the week makes sure to take note of who has completed their job.  He is also encouraged to remind students when they still need to complete their jobs and interject a "good job!" when a student completes their assignment.  They are learning to assess their peer's work, working on leadership skills, and communication.  Best of all, now my students are all about being supervisor for the right reasons!

Want to incorporate a supervisor job in to your morning job assignments?  Click below to grab a copy of my morning job supervisor checklist!

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