Five Amazon Alexa Apps for Teachers

Amazon's Echo Dot can be an aweome tool to use in a special education classroom. However, there are also many awesome way to use Alexa as a special education teach as well.

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Technology is a beautiful thing.  We’re connected to our loved one with a click of a button.  We even have the ultimate motivating reinforcer.  So of course, teachers are looking for any type of technology to help us out.
A while ago, I discussed how I was using the Echo Dot in my classroom with my students.  Honesty, I bought the Echo Dot for my kids.  However, I have found so many ways to help me multitask and streamline everything I need to get done.


There’s a lot of talk about mindfulness for our students.  Honestly, all teachers should be practicing what they are teaching.  Guided meditation is probably the one app I have utilized more than any other.  Every morning before my students arrive, I (try to) take time to meditate or pray.  I find it extremely helpful when I have my drive to work is crazy or I know it’s going to be a challenging day.


Ever think of all kind of random stuff you want/need to do at work but always forget to jot it down while you’re knee deep in data and work tasks?  I love using the list app to randomly add things throughout the day.  The cool thing about List is that you can differentiate your lists, so possibly have a list per student or content area, etc.

Pebble Push

If you need more of a gentle push to get stuff done, Pebble Push can be really awesome.  It goes beyond the usual list app because it actually gives you reminders when you need them.  Say you want to work on a IEP during your prep.  You can add “work on ____’s IEP at 2:00” and it will give you a reminder.  To me, it’s great for those preps where I am just so exhausted that I sit down and have a huge brain fart.

Focus Word

Did you ever think that technology could help you be so mindful?  The Focus Word app gives you a focus word of the day.  This is another app to get you started on a positive note.  (Ironically enough, today’s word was resourcefulness and it quoted the same Tony Robbins quote that is on my About Me page!).


Okay, this is not in any way directly toward teaching or getting into a good mindset, but I find this to be a super important skill.  I don’t know about you, but my what-should-be-a-45-minute commute can vary greatly.  Knowing the traffic can be a huge time saver when it comes to when I should leave at the end of the day.  Why waste twice the time in traffic when you could be hanging out at school getting stuff done?  

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